DR/VFI for Mainframe

Ensuring successful recovery of vital data and applications requires integrated processes and resources - from knowing what applications and data your organisation uses most, determining exactly how that information should be stored based on your recovery requirements.

Management need to understand the operational impact of technical failures or potential application failures to focus on ways to effectively manage the continuity of service.

The challenges companies are facing with DRP ( Disaster Recovery Plans):
  • 50% of Recovery Plan tests fail.
  • The increased complexity of the environment by the massive influx of new technologies and applications, greatly increases the risks.
  • Few organisations can boast of a successful DRP adapted to their functional needs.

Are you able to recover your business critical data in case of incidents such as machine failure, an application error, a malicious act, a human blunder?

"A DRP must be successful the first time, regular testing is essential! "

DR/VFI is the only truly automated, intelligent enterprise solution for backup and recovery management at an application level allowing you control of your DRP.

DR/VFI enables the automatic Identification, Backup and Recovery of files vital to your Mission-Critical Applications. It achieves your goals in terms of continuity of service while minimizing the financial impact. It allows you to benefit from the invaluable protection that improves the efficiency of existing backup solutions (traditional, local or remote VTS, Peer-to Peer, etc.)..

DR/VFI repays your investment within months and allows you to work more effectively in your current environment.

For backups, DR/VFI handles each application restore operation: It focuses on your most critical applications, allows data retrieval independently for each application, takes into account the inter-application dependencies, etc. In addition, DR/VFI has centralised tracking of backup data, which provides the repository of information necessary for recovery.

With DR/VFI, you have the ability to use a traditional approach of recover by application or application group, or a DRP type approach based on the complete recovery of your corporate data.

What are the Benefits of DR/VFI Integrated Recovery Management Software:

Accelerate Recovery Time

  • Restore critical applications first - get back online immediately
  • Instant recovery of critical data
  • Get instant recovery of the critical subset of your tape library

Save Time and Resources

  • Backup only mission critical files on a daily basis.
  • Reduce backups by selecting only files that have been recently updated.
  • Reduce the number of tapes that have to be rotated offsite - and reduce data across remote channels
  • Saves disk space by reducing the number of files backed up to perform the recovery
  • Optimise backups.

Gain a High Degree of Efficiency

  • Standardise your enterprise wide approach to DR
  • Centerlise tracking of backup data, integrating all information you need for recovery
  • Interface with standard backup and restore utilities
  • Analyse SMF data to determine the criticality of application data.
  • Reduce the cost of your DR hot site by letting you prioritise recovery.

Improve flexibility

  • SMF extractor provides real-time SMF data collection in a single, multiple or sysplex environments.
  • Seamless integration into existing environment, simple install of the solution in 2 hours

Major Components of DR/VFI

Real Time Monitoring:

Reads the SMF data for critical file usage and feeds it to our powerful third generation Analysis Engine to determine file update and backup requirements - even for data that changes often. If the data has changed, a backup operation can be dynamically generated by DR/VFI or any other scheduler package.

Batch Analysis:

DR/VFI reads historical SMF data, scans libraries, to build up the inventory database of the applications "eligible" files for backup".

Audit Process:

DR/VFI constantly monitors for the creation of new critical files and creates backups when required.
You can identify who is accessing your production files, for example a test job uses a production file as input, or production process is accessing a test file which is not being backed up.

Based on its inventory of critical files, DR/VFI can:
  • Reliable Backup verification - Check that backups have completed with for each critical file.
  • Provides a list of updated files since the last backup.
  • Provides an inventory report by media (tapes, cartridges,VTS....)

Protection Process:

For critical files, DR/VFI is able to produce a backup job using the utility of your choice we are vendor neutral enabling you to continue to use the utilities you currently use DR/VFI recognises all the products on the market.
DR/VFI technology supports :
  • Full Volume Backup.
  • Snap Technology.
  • Traditional Dataset Level Backup.
  • Copy Tape Technology.
  • Mirrored Technologies.

Recovery Simulation:

Recoverability simulations help you gain immediate validation and verification that your data is recoverable. What's more, simulations help you gauge your preparation level for disaster - or disaster recovery - and give you the ability to run "what if" scenarios that evaluate your backup status.
DR/VFI shows you the necessary corrections or tells you if you are ready for a test recovery.

DR/VFI is uniquely positioned to show real value to the business in five specific areas:

  1. Provides business recoverability insight.
  2. Contribute to reduced TCO of existing resources.
  3. Reduces exposure to regulatory compliance reporting and audibility concerns.
  4. Support strategic IT initiatives to drive the business.
  5. Align availability and recovery goals with the business.