For mainframe tape copy & media management

Tape storage continues to be a key strategy for the overall management of mainframe data. However, the ongoing challenge with many tapes and multiple media types is the cost of acquiring, managing and deploying these vital tape resources.

Tape/Assist is a mainframe tape copy, migration and consolidation tool that helps reduce the cost of managing tape resources while providing continuous availability to mainframe tape data.

Tape/Assist maintains all metadata about the information stored on each tape, so that applications and storage managers can find data regardless of how many times they’ve moved it across different tapes or VTLs.

Tape/Assist can deliver great value in many areas of your tape management process, including:

  • Offsite storage and archiving.
  • Tape media consolidation and upgrade.
  • VTL migration and backup.

At the core of Tape/Assist’s data movement capabilities is our director and high speed copy utilities that manage and allocate all input and output media. In addition, backend utility processes assure that tape catalog information reflects the original referential data of the original volume. Tape/Assist also ensures all catalog information is updated so the new volume is properly catalogued, and expiration of the original data is set so media resources can be reclaimed.